MAXIMUM ADAPTABILITY Corn header Zaffrani is universal and can be adapted to any type of Combine by applying simple modifications (flange + gears kit). Connection and inclination regulation operations of the header are particularly fast and simple. HIGH SPEED Special technical measures allow incredible feed ability of the Combine, which goes without interruption. Harvesting speed can reach 8 km/h. CLEAN HARVEST The constructive features of the header with a unique chopper, grant a clean harvest field ready for a no till seeding. Seed loss is around 3%. STURDY BUT LIGHT Thanks to the simplified construction, Zaffrani header is extremely light. This allows considerable fuel saving compared to the competing products.

Технические характеристики
Header width 6.00 mt
Harvest width 8 rows
Weight 2.600 Kg
Row spacing 70 cm
Speed 8 km/h
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